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Sea anemones sometimes eat … ants. But why?

National Geographic covered our study on the diet of the giant plumose anemone in the San Juan Islands. Using the relatively new technique of DNA metabarcoding, we were able to detect a much more diverse diet than previously described including a surprising terrestrial linkage: anemones eat ants!

Giant sea anemones eat ants… and also the occasional spider

The BBC Science Focus magazine covered our study on the marine-terrestrial linkage, highlighting the need for more attention on nearshore marine food webs.

Photo credit: Kenneth Sebens

Anemones of the San Juans

A Friday Harbor Tide Bite newsletter about the research I did while at the marine station from 2015 to 2019. All of my dissertation research was done while at Friday Harbor Laboratories.


Helped create and ran a science blog from 2013 to 2016, digesting science into easy to read bites. My blog contributions (34 posts) focused primarily on ecological interactions between species with a running series on mutualisms. The website was closed in 2016 and the domain name has since been taken.